1. Raise Your Confidence and Reduce Pressure with Meditation

    June 22, 2013

    benefits of meditation

    by Colin Zauner

    There are many situations in your daily life that can contribute to pressure, anxiety, stress, and loss of confidence. If you want to raise your self confidence and alleviate pressure, all you have to do is adopt meditation in your daily routine.


    Meditation is just one of the most effective anti-stress remedies when done regularly. Meditation state could be facilitated by different techniques which include visualizations, affirmations, breathing, mantras, and many others. Though it can be difficult at first, regular practice will make meditation effortless.


    To boost your self confidence, you should learn about affirmation meditations. This is done in a sitting position. You must be relaxed and comfortable, while closing your eyes. You can choose a daily affirmation and it must be said [silently] in an engaging voice. Do this for ten minutes, and don’t forget to observe proper breathing.


    You can also do visualizations. Try to visualize yourself in a confident or self-assured state. This is something that you can do every day and almost anywhere. If you are busy at work, you can squeeze this into your schedule without difficulty. I know some people who, to release work stress, schedule a 5 min slot for silent meditation every 2 hours when in the office.


    To be able to learn everything about yourself and your go deep into your thoughts, you have to practice mindful or present moment meditation. This is an ancient technique, and it is one of the most effective relaxation tools that you can find.


    Meditation also helps you to maintain your inner energy (read on Qigong to see how to improve and increase your energy), here is what you can do:


    ·    Spend more time with people having positive energy and positive mindset


    ·    Calm your mind and meditate. While you are in a relaxed state, you must try to feel the energy that is flowing inside your body. Visualization can serve as your protective shield.


    – You can also increase your energy levels through meditation. There are various ways to reduce pressure and increase positive energy. Just sit still and pick a quiet place inside the room or office. Hang out with positive and energetic friends and avoid the ‘energy vampires’ – negativity draws energy away. You also need to spend more time outdoors. This is your chance to ease the stress and burdens of daily living. Enjoy the sun and fresh air as you stroll at the park or go shopping.


    Meditation should be effortless and it is a great opportunity to do nothing. There are many mindless activities that you can do prior to meditating. For instance, you can stare at the starry sky, read magazines, take a walk, and even watch your favorite TV show.


    Did you know that laughter is one of the best things that can elevate energy levels? This helps the body in boosting the levels of endorphins (or “good hormones”) and it decreases stress or anxiety.

    Start practicing meditation today, your mind needs as much relaxation as your body.


    Author Bio: Colin Zauner is a blogger and health and fitness enthusiast, who works at AllWorkoutRoutines.com. His research and writing focus mainly on full body workout routines and exercise dvd reviews.

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  2. Pushing Your Limits With Positive Thinking

    May 11, 2013

    motivation to get fit

    It’s true that exercise boosts confidence; however, everyone is prone to moments of doubt and negative self-talk – the key to overcoming or pushing through challenges is with positive thinking.  Before you cross that finish line you’ll want to give up and before you lose those next 10 pounds, you’ll want to cheat; positive thinking will help you stay on top of your goal whether it’s a better diet, increasing your 1 rep max, or finishing that first race.  So, when you want to give up, drop the dumbbell, or curse burpees, it’s time to practice these positive thinking exercises to help you stick to those goals.


    Find Your Mantra

    Mantra is like a mini pep-talk; words or phrases that resonate with you and move you to action.  Your words or phrase may only mean something to you, based off of a past event in your life or a goal of where you want to be.  Whatever it is, it must drive you and encourage you to push beyond what you believe you are capable of at that time.  These words of affirmation need to be repeated often; when you’re strong, when you’re in doubt, when you are about to give up – give yourself your pep-talk.  Say it in front of the mirror as you stand tall; believe what you tell yourself and most of all believe in yourself.  Here are some mantra ideas you can try:

    • Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have.
    • I deserve this.
    • Of course it’s hard.  It’s supposed to be hard.  If it were easy, everybody would do it.
    • I never regret a good workout.
    • The food I eat today is the body I wear tomorrow.
    • You know your limit, and this is NOT it.
    • There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.


    See it to Believe It

    We’ve all heard of great stars visualizing the game-winning basket, as conceded as it sounds, visualization is how they got to be that star in the first place; you need to see it to believe it.  Spend time visualizing yourself crossing that finish line, see that scale read 10 pounds lighter, or imagine yourself rocking the body solid leverage gym.  This exercise is important in positive thinking because visualizing where you want to be helps you see the path you need to take and it motivates you to action.  The more you see it, the more you can believe it.  And when you have moments of doubt, setbacks, and moments of trial, stop and visualize where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.


    Acknowledge Your Progress

    Keeping a log of what you do or what you eat isn’t to guilt you into working out every day; it’s a way to track your progress.  You should record what you did, how you felt, how you’ve improved, and take pride in what you’ve done!  Sure, you’ve probably made mistakes, but with positive thinking it’s important to reflect on those mistakes to determine you where you can improve rather than to beat yourself up.  As you analyze where you’ve been and where you are now, think on experiences where you were successful or that made you happy, and have helped you realize that it’s all been worth it.  These moments are what will keep you going when you’re ready to give in.

    Setting and reaching your goals can be hard and discouraging, but if you use positive thinking to face your obstacles with an optimistic outlook you’ll be on your way to setting new limits.  So before you throw in the towel, try one of these exercises to renew your motivation.

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