1. How You Can Get Over a Nervous Breakdown

    January 21, 2014

    How You Can Get Over a Nervous Breakdown

    Suffering a nervous breakdown is a frightening and exhausting experience. Though no one wants to experience a nervous breakdown, life events and circumstances land many people to such on the journey of life. What do you do when you realize that you are in the midst of a breakdown? How do you even realize that you’ve hit that point?

    If you are suffering from severe anxiety, fatigue, moodiness, brokenness, fatigue, and significant mental and emotional issues, you are likely to be going through a breakdown. Maybe you have gone through a tremendously difficult situation like a divorce or the loss of a loved one. Or perhaps you lost your job or lost your ability to work after an accident. There are many reasons why people suffer a nervous breakdown, but there is hope in getting through one and back on your feet again.

    Tips for getting through your nervous breakdown:

    When you are right in the midst of a nervous breakdown, life does not make much sense. You nerves are shot, your thoughts are irrational and worrisome, your emotions are all over the place, and fear covers you like a blanket.  It is quite a suffering of the soul and in order to overcome it, it is first important to recognize you are IN it and make a decision to reach for help and do what it takes to get out.

    Treat the symptoms

    What symptoms are you experiencing? Are your nerves on high alert, making it difficult to eat and sleep?

    Meditation and breathing. Perhaps you can take up deep breathing and relaxation exercises. Mediation is also a wonderful tool that helps alleviate stress, anxiety and the racing thoughts that run through the mind. Some people find prayer or attending a religious function helps them get through as well.

    Journaling.  It’s a great idea to write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Keep track of your entries so that you can gauge where you’ve been and where you are going. You can also write down some positive affirmations and recite them out loud on a daily basis. As you do, your thought life will get better and as your thoughts affect your emotions, your emotions will get better as well.  Write down affirmations like:

    • My life is getting better.
    • I am feeling better every day.
    • I can handle anything that comes my way.
    • This season of brokenness is over.
    • I am a strong, independent, loving person.
    • My mind is clear and my thoughts are positive.
    • I am safe and loved.

    Get therapy.  If you are in the midst of a nervous breakdown, it will do you good to see a therapist. There you will have a safe place to let out your feelings and get some insight as to why you ended up on the road to a breakdown in the first place.  Commit to therapy for a season, like 6 or 9 months, and watch how you progress!

    Take up exercise. Exercise is a great stress reliever. If you are able, commit to an exercise regimen three to four times a week so that you can feel better physically and mentally.

    Invest in yourself.  Go to a seminar on personal development. Read some good books that will help you grow. Pop in an audio CD in the car on your way to work. Take some time to invest in yourself in various way so that you can become stronger mentally and emotionally.  Even 15 minutes a day encouraging yourself will help you lift up out of the breakdown.

    Face the root cause

    There is bound to be one or several factors as to why you are suffering a breakdown right now. Are you in an abusive relationship? Have your actions caused you a load of guilt and regret? Do you hate your job/boss/spouse/life? Are you under significant financial strain? Dig deep and discover has brought you to such a point. You can do this yourself or you can have a therapist help you.

    You can get over a nervous breakdown if you follow these tips and really make some life changes.  A nervous breakdown is not always a terrible thing. In fact, some men and women will tell you that their breakdown was in fact a stepping stone for a spiritual awakening.  Sometimes it is at the darkest moments in life where people learn a lot about themselves and life in general.

    Don’t give up hope.  Get going THROUGH your breakdown today.

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  2. How To Detect If You Are Headed For A Mental Breakdown?

    January 10, 2014

    Are Headed For A Mental Breakdown?

    Do you feel so stressed and full of anxiety that you think you are headed for a mental breakdown? Have you gone through a horrific situation lately and due to this you are extremely fatigued, emotional, worn down, and ready to break down?


    If so, you are probably on your way to a breakdown.  Those that experience a mental breakdown don’t normally get there quickly. It is usually a process of stress induced situations and negative emotions that tend to take over one’s life.


    The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reports that among 26.2 percent of American adults, who are diagnosed with mental health disorders, almost 70% suffer from an anxiety disorder. They actually wonder if perhaps a vast majority of Americans are on the verge of a nation-wide breakdown.


    People respond to stressors differently, so while one person may have a lot of stress and tend to manage it, others may not be able to handle it as well and it can put them on a path to a breakdown. For example, sales is a demanding career field and can throw a lot of stress one’s way.  One person may be well able to let go of that stress on a daily basis. Maybe this person is doing daily meditation and yoga or other exercises to relieve the stress buildup.  Another person may not be able to handle it as well and as that stress load builds up, he may begin to feel extreme anxiety, agitation, fear, and have mood changes.  The stress build up can lead him to become confused, angry, withdrawn, act out, or a host of other symptoms can occur.  In the worst case scenario, the latter may tend to display psychotic behaviors, thus detaching somewhat from reality and having a complete breakdown.


    Mental breakdown symptoms


    If you are experiencing more than three out the following symptoms, you may be headed for a mental breakdown and ought to consider seeing a counselor for professional help.


    Mood changes.  If you are experiencing mood changes frequently, you could be headed for a breakdown. If you are normally happy go lucky, but are not miserable many days, there is something underneath the surface causing the mood changes, which very well could be stress or emotional distress.


    Many tears. If you find yourself crying a lot and that is not like you, you may be struggling with some heavy emotions and stress. Crying is actually a good way to relieve stress and negative emotions, but if you are crying a lot more than normal, you could be on your way to a mental breakdown.


    Using alcohol/drugs. If you have been feeling a lot of pain, stress, frustration, etc. and opt to use alcohol and/or drugs to cope, you could be on the road to a mental breakdown. All such substances do is stuff all of that negativity deeper down into your consciousness, which will not heal or cure it.  Not only could you be headed for a breakdown, but also a life of addiction and negative consequences.


    Apathetic. If you were once full of life and vitality and lately you just don’t care about anything or anyone, your mental state is suffering.  If you don’t enjoy the things you used to or simply can’t focus on anything, you could be headed for a mental breakdown.


    Dietary changes.  Those that are headed for a mental breakdown could either be eating way too much or not eating enough.  Stress and racing thoughts can cause a person to not feel hungry and cause digestive problems even when he or she eats.


    Shaking.  When the nerves are on high alert, the body reacts physically.  If your hands are shaking or your body feels shaky in general, your thoughts and mind could be anxiously controlling your life.


    Sick all the time.  Hypochondriacs always feel like something is attacking their bodies or they imagine they have come down with every sort of illness.  Chronic stress can certainly wear the body down and illness can become a result. If you feel sick all the time, see someone in regards to whether or not you are headed for a breakdown.


    Depression. Chances are if you are majorly depressed most of the time, you are headed for a mental breakdown. You could be ridden with guilt, shame, or chronic grief that continues to bring you down and down. If you feel as such, please seek professional help.


    If you can resonate with some of these symptoms, it may be time to seek a healthcare provider that can help you, as you may need to navigate through this time with someone who has experience helping others with the same issue.  Understand that mental breakdowns are not necessarily a bad thing; they are simply stepping stones to dealing with some unresolved issues in your life and making some necessary changes in order for you to live a happy and healthy life.

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