5 Winning Strategies for Getting into Shape

March 18, 2013

at the gym

Image Credit: Javi

Many people consider getting into shape as their basic goal. Finding motivation is easy. However, due to our laziness and busy schedule, it takes psychological effort in order to achieve your desired results. Therefore, in order to achieve your desired results, you should stick to a well-designed schedule for getting into shape which should be followed in a good succession. Fortunately, by reading this article you will know five simple strategies of getting into shape which you can adopt for the best results.

1. Warm up with stretches before the workout-
It is very important to warm up before engaging into any physical activity. Often you have seen athletes warming up before they take part in any sporting activity. This is important because it aids your body. Warming up increases the blood flow to the working muscles, this in turn reduces your muscle stiffness. As a result there will be fewer injuries of the muscles thus improving your performance in the exercise which you undertake to take. In addition, warming up prepares one’s mentality and improve the range of different motions of the muscles. Warm up session should be of 3-5 minutes prior to the stretching because it will add mobility and fluid to the joints which helps in avoiding injury.

2. Breathe well during your workouts-

So as you plan to undertake your exercise you need to breathe properly. Getting correct breathing rhythm helps a person to get the best out of his or her workout. Fatigue will be reduced when you breathe out properly. Important factors should be followed in breathing while working out. Each workout involves a period of pulling out and exerting pressure. When pulling out, you need to breathe out in order to pull out inhaled air while when exerting pressure you need to breathe in order to pull in air.

3. Resting between the workout-
The major problem is the Lactic Acid produced in the muscles during the workout. We just feel a burn in the muscles which leads to the failure at the end of the set. Therefore rest between different sets of the workout is very important.  Interval of resting during your workout will allow your muscles to develop and recuperate well and more evenly. Getting into shape will always require a person to maintain proper resting intervals. Two minutes of rest is recommended between each and every set of the exercise for gaining power, strength and muscle mass. If we start the next exercise before the completion of two minutes, we can lack our intensity and strength.

4. Ensure that you have worked out first for large muscles-
It is important to work out large muscles first during your exercise since this will increase blood flow into different body parts. As a result, this will prepare other small muscles for workout. In turn, you will get benefit a lot in achieving your desired results. This is the most efficient way of starting your exercise.
Bigger muscles are required when a person is working out on smaller muscles therefore when you start your exercise on smaller muscles, you will realize that you will not be able to do more on bigger muscles due to them being tired. You will always earn the best results when you start with the big to small muscles.

5. Work out in each muscle group at least three times in a week-
It certainly depends on your motivation, but in order to achieve high frequency during training your workout, you should be aiming at least to work out at each muscle group three times in a week. Since training each muscle below three times in a week will not earn you the desired results.
Depending on your intending outcomes, it is important to set up several winning strategies that you should follow in order to get your desired results. Take your time and ensure that you have followed the above five crucial strategies and you will never regret.