A Break For Poetry

July 26, 2013

I'm unique!

Dear “Dream Positive”,

I love your blog and read it every week. Thanks to you, I started doing yoga and meditation, it really helped me with my depression.

Here’s the poem that I wrote for your blog. Hope you enjoy it!


My world is dark and full of pain
A tragic epic with nothing to gain
The endless battles and numerous pleas
I am unable to bury my broken dreams
No matter how hard I try to be
I can not handle another tragedy
The fight for happiness is almost lost
Maybe I will win but at what cost
Tomorrow is yet another new day
But the sun is down and the sky is grey
I can not wait to be happy again
Maybe it will cure my heart of pain
Please someone help me from this nightmare
I need to escape show me with care
Grab my hand and pull as hard as you can
Or else I will go down as a broken man


God Bless!

Jeffrey K.

Portland, OR


Image Credit: Ashley Webb