How to Keep Active in Your Older Age

April 3, 2013

Image Credit: Garrette

We all know how important it is to stay active while the years pass. No matter how old we get it is the age we feel inside that counts the most. Having said that, it is still crucial to live up to that number as our brain’s functionality is directly related to our body health.  Keeping oneself free and active is one of the key points to staying healthy; so, here are some tips on how to keep active in your older age.

Do not stop caring for the loved ones!

Usually, as people get older the roles in the family change and the kids are the ones caring for the elderly. Those around us are the greatest source of energy; they are the ones who we would like to keep active for. Going out with friends and family is one of the primary things that should be done on regular bases in order to keep active while you age. And let’s admit it; it is not such a hard or unpleasant thing to do, is it?

Well, that was a tip most of us follow without even knowing that it is a great step towards the active elderly hood.  Now let’s go on with more specific ones.

Nutrition and Diet

Oh, do not just scroll down through this part and think that diets are not for people of your age. Nowadays, most of us misunderstand the true meaning of the word “diet”; its primary purpose does not have to be losing weight. We are talking about eating healthy right now. Having healthy meals several times a day is something every one of us should have as a habit as it is crucial for the proper function of brain and body equally.

As for exercising, it is not necessary to go to gym for hours or run tens of kilometers daily; going for a walk few times a week is a great substitute as well.

Occupy Yourself!

Retirement is not a reason to sit at home and ponder upon universal problems. Instead think about it positively; you no longer have to go to a job every day and have enough time to follow the hobbies you had back in the childhood. Whether it is painting, singing, crafting, gardening or any other hobby, revitalize it! The world is full of opportunities these days; your chance might be waiting just across the corner; all you have to do is continue striving for it.

Embrace Your Age!

Last but not least, have a look at the mirror and think of the ways in which the person looking back is beautiful and embrace it. Ageing does not mean that we no longer have the charm; it is all about how we show it. And after all it is always fun and uplifting to dress up and go out once in a while.


Aid Yourself

However hard you try, you may still have difficulties with mobility in older age. Having to rely on others is the last thing you want. So implementing mobility aids around the home will make things so much easier in the long run and make you self-sufficient in the years to come. This doesn’t always mean having bulky equipment dotted around the home. It can be simple things like if you are renovating a kitchen, then placing the cooker at eye level will mean better access than it being at floor level as strain on the back and knees will be less.

If you or someone in your family has trouble getting up and down the stairs, then a stair lift may be the answer to making you or them feel and mobile again. Click here for a full range of stair lifts and home lifts.