Hyperactivity or ADHD?

August 13, 2013

hyperactivity in teenagers

by Connie Jameson

Hyperactivity is a modern term that is increasingly used lately although the real hyperactivity is relatively rare. Most children may be more active than usual from time to time and their natural energy and temper sometimes may seem like a violent behaviour. However, these episodes are short.

Real hyperactivity is something else. Children, who really suffer from hyperactivity, or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are easily excited, restless, their concentration is poor and they cannot hold their attention for long, which results in poor grades at school and overall retardation. These children seem to be not able to deal with their tasks, their mood is changed suddenly, they often have rage outbursts and may even become aggressive. When they grow up they can start breaking different things and are pretty destructive. They also do not tolerate any criticism towards themselves, they are impulsive and nervous and seem pretty clumsy. Their coordination is often poor, too.

All of these ADHD symptoms can be monitored in about 1-2% of children and by some reason boys are affected by the disease 5 times more than girls. Of course, this kind of behaviour may have a family history as well. The problem is that it can’t be found until your child is just a baby, because most babies cry a lot. Nobody can say for sure what is the real reason of hyperactivity but there undoubtedly are some genetic and social components. Some specialists say that the cause is a minimal brain disfunction although there are no physical evidences for it. Allergies and hypersensitivity towards certain irritants may provoke such behaviour, too.

There is an idea that has been worked on lately. Some additives and preservatives in food are also said to be a cause of hyperactivity. That is why some specialists really believe that the condition may be mastered with a proper diet. This assumption is based on the fact that in the last twenty years the number of cases of hyperactivity increased and this is connected with eating some foods that are enriched with artificial additives and preservatives. For the moment the aetiology of this medical condition is unclear. And still, if you have any doubts that your child may suffer from hyperactivity you need to search or a medical help from a doctor, a psychologist, a therapist, etc.

What can you do to fight hyperactivity?

Most children are well-influenced if you make them a schedule. This is also true for hyperactive children. They really prefer to have somebody to organize their everyday life because they are pretty restless and nervous and they can’t really concentrate for a long time on something in particular. An integral part of this regular daily basis is the time when parents work with their child. This way both parts are enjoying their time together while drawing, playing, watching some movies, sing, etc. An important part is to try focusing your child’s attention at something for a bit longer. Another good practice is to prolong the period of time a bit every day but remember that your child’s concentration is poor, so be prepared to offer your son or daughter something else in case they don’t like the first one. This is a great way to make your child learn something new and keep them doing something useful.

Of course you can’t put some limits at first, so try to fill the schedule with at least one activity that really takes some energy – for example running, wrestling, jumping or another sport. This is something like a valve that will help you release the tension and will really make your child calmer and more organized.

How can you help a child that has some learning problems?

No matter what the cause of these learning problems is, the best approach of parents and teachers is to setting and keeping a positive, optimistic, stable and easy-going relationship with the child. This is not easy, because parents can be worried and anxious but really works.

Image Credit/Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mytudut/5180391961