If You Don’t Want To Regret About Your Life In 10 Years

November 5, 2013

If You Don't Want To Regret About Your Life In 10 Years

by Alex Strike

Once, I’ve read such an expression: “Do not behave as if 500 years are left for you to live”. I do not know why, but these words made me think of my life in a different way. You must admit, that usually we do not think about the fact that tomorrow might not come; and one day we look around and confess that we lived a wrong way. We start thinking about the things we would change or do in a different way if we were ten years younger for example.

Were you happy all these years? Did you love enough? Did you do what you wanted exactly? Maybe it would be better to do something today in order not to regret about your life and missing opportunities in ten years? What can you do right now for your tomorrow’s happiness?


1. Think of health


Your body is a house of your soul, that is why think and care about it as the most important thing you have in life. If you do not have health, you will have nothing at all, so, eat and rest well, and do not forget about exercising as well.


2. Love


Love may come to your life from different sources, that is why just do not miss an opportunity to love something. It will give you a chance to understand how much beauty is around you every day, and you will surprise how easy it is to notice it and get pleasure of it.


3. Laugh


Some of us take their life too seriously. Why should we do this anyway? Every day it is possible to find humor in something that surrounds us, so, do not ignore such a chance. Laugh as much as you can, find positive moments everywhere, enjoy every moment your life brings to you.


4. Do not keep silence


How often do we hide what we really think? Do you really think that no one around you do not know about your feelings? Do not keep silence, when it comes to relations with other people: if you love a person – tell him/her about it; if a person hurts you – tell him/her as well.  Is it difficult for you to express your feelings? Writing a letter will be a perfect variant for you then.


5. Do not live in the past


We all have the past, and we often think of it wondering about “what if…”. Moreover, some people believe that the past can be changed (we all remember Jay Gatsby, do not we?). Forget about it! It is done already, and there is no reason to regret about anything that can’t be changed. So, it’s high time to throw all regrets away and think of your past as memories, nothing else.


6. Do not crave for material things


We all want fame, popularity, much money, beautiful people around, etc., and we all crave for it for the whole life. We think that we’ll become happy at once we get all these material things. But the truth is that your expensive clothes and cars are the last things you will think of when you are old. The more chances are you will remember your loyal dog and those feelings it gave you. So, just stop craving for all material only.


7. Accept what you can’t change


There is no point to regret and worry about anything you can’t change. And even if you think you should have entered another university or married another person, there are things you can’t change already. The only thing you can do is to re-evaluate all of them and think logically what you can change. Follow your instincts, or just try to change your attitude towards the situation you can’t change.


8. Do what you love


Yes, it sounds so obvious, and we all definitely heard this advice, but… Do you follow it? No, think again! You will never regret about spending time with people who make you happy; you will never regret about your holidays and vacations… But you may regret about all missing opportunities: about a book you have not read, about courses you have not attended, and so on. Be open to new hobbies, and do what you really like in this life.


9. Open your mind


Do not be afraid of thinking about things in a different way. Open your mind to new opportunities and possibilities, change your perspective, and you will see how easy it can be to improve yourself and your relationships with people around. Feel less bitterness, feel less anger, and open a new world to yourself.


10. Be grateful


Maybe you do not know this fact, but gratitude can really improve you: your health, self-worth, spirituality, happiness. The sad truth of life is the fact it will never be perfect, but it does not mean you have nothing to be grateful for. Do not forget to thank life for all those big and small joys it gives you.



Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/federicoravassard/8568683430