Cinnamon Helps Cure Diabetes: True or False?

May 28, 2013

cinnamon to cure diabetes

by Justin Brown


Many people take diabetes lightly. They don’t realize the fact that it can eventually cause stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, blindness and some forms of cancer. However you can avoid these complications if you take the right action at the right time. Using multimodal treatment can help you manage and even cure diabetes.

Proper diet, medication and exercise are some of the significant tools for dealing with diabetes. However an increasing number of diabetic patients are also looking for natural supplements to supplement medication. The natural supplements include various natural botanical ingredients that work together for controlling blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. The 2 main ingredients that you will get in a supplement include cinnamon bark and huckleberry. Clinical research shows that cinnamon lowers blood sugar by reducing body resistance to insulin. Researchers found that cinnamon reduced cholesterol by about 18% and blood sugar levels by 24%.

Goodness of the Bark of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a favorite spice for many people. During the cold months a cup of tea is often not completed without a stick of cinnamon. Moreover cinnamon also appears in many candles. The bark of cinnamon is quite popular as it helps to manage your blood sugar and is used as medicine for centuries in Egypt and China. Modern researches are revealing the positive effects of cinnamon that helps to lower the level of blood sugar level in diabetic patients.

Moreover it is useful for a person who is not yet diagnosed with diabetes but suffers from high blood sugar like in case of a pre-diabetic patient. Cinnamon helps to promote healthy sugar metabolism and contributes to a healthy circulatory system. It also supports the metabolism of starch, fat and other nutrients. You can take cinnamon supplements daily after consulting with your doctor.

At present millions of Americans are suffering from sugar metabolism disorder. As a result if you promote healthy sugar metabolism in your body with a Cinnamon supplement, you can actually promote an overall healthy lifestyle. It is a more practical choice of taking advantage of the health benefits of Cinnamon in supplement form rather than just relying on small amounts that you find in foods.

Warning: While cinnamon appears to be safe for most diabetes patients, those with liver damage should avoid cinnamon because it may increase liver problems.

Huckleberry and Other Plant Extracts

The Huckleberry is another natural substance that helps to decrease the blood sugar. The Huckleberry is traditionally used by Native Americans and current scientific research confirms its usefulness. Several other plant extracts are available that help to normalize your blood sugar. Dr. Gabriel Cousens, the founder of Tree of Life foundation, in his book “There’s a cure for diabetes” recommends Huckleberry along with other herbal supplements such as Jerusalem Artichoke, Cabbage, Bitter Melon, Cucumber, Celery, Garlic and Onion. These build a foundation for healthy, balanced eating. You may also consider Juniper berry and Banaba leaf extracts that have gained a great deal of attention for their beneficial properties. You can get these botanical extracts in a reputed diabetic nutritional supplement store.

Purchase supplements from a reputed store

You should review all the product information before buying from an online store. Make an extensive research work before purchasing the right supplement online. This will help to ensure the fact that you are getting effective ingredients. It is quite natural that you will want a diabetic nutritional supplement that has no bad side effects. So buy the best cinnamon supplement from a top online store, take the dosage as prescribed by your doctor and live now in a healthy way by preventing diabetes.

Image Credit: Steenbergs @ Flickr