11 Myths About Anxiety Symptoms

February 23, 2013

anxiety and depressionMyth #1: One has to learn to live with this condition.
TRUTH: One does NOT have to “learn to live” with this condition because there is a complete process, tools and methods to remove this from your life once and for all. Yes,  there is a sure way past this and it works! But it requires you to work on it, not only your psychologist or therapist.

Myth #2: These feelings will always return…setbacks are inevitable.

TRUTH: This is NOT true! Once you begin moving forward the symptoms will shrink down to manageable size until they no longer matter and dissipate all together. There are always “bumps in the road” in life, but when you slow down, remember your skills and tools, you will be able to negotiate anything. Remember, slowing down, keep going forward and moving ahead. You can never turn back!

Myth #3: “I am worse than anyone else!”

TRUTH: This is a normal feeling when looking at your anxiety symptoms and most people go through a period of thinking this thought. The truth of the matter is that no matter how you became to be in this condition, most people have remarkably similar symptoms. All these symptoms are adrenaline based and, therefore, limited and there’s a set way of moving past them. You may think you feel worse than others, but this is not true. When you go through this, the “right way” you will move past this is a relatively easy and quick fashion.

Myth #4: “I’m too “young” “old” “busy” “scared” or “whatever” to get past this.”

TRUTH: Age has no significance to getting past this condition. It is not a factor. Neither is anything else as long as you follow the formula…the process. There is a way out and anyone can do it. There is a “right way” to go through this and if a person uses these skills, being in total control again is perfectly attainable…..and in a relatively short time!

Myth #5: “I need a “safe” person with me for support.”
TRUTH: Psychological support is a marvelous thing to have and it feels fantastic, especially if this is a support from a psychologist or therapist, BUT it feels more sensational to rely on YOURSELF! Once you learn how to move past the symptoms and go forward with strength and control you will understand the feeling of depending on YOU. It is the greatest feeling on earth, and nothing else can compare! You are all you need to move past this. You are the only one who can grab the reins with this condition and give yourself the real comfort you need. Once you feel the strength of going through this with your own power you see extremely clearly that you are your own comfort zone.

Myth #6: “The places I want to go are too “noisy”, “smoky”, “bright” or “crowded” for me to feel comfortable.”
TRUTH: it is not the places………..It is what you are saying to yourself in these places. That is why you feel safe when you get home……you reassure yourself that you are safe and your body responds favorably. It does not matter if you are in the middle of Times Square on New Year’s Eve if you know what to do. It is all in how you define where you are and the way you think……your body reactions just naturally follow.

Myth #7: “Making it harder for me is the fact that family and friends simply don’t understand what I am going through!”
TRUTH: This has to do with regaining your life and it doesn’t matter who else is on the peripheral. This is between you and yourself. Once you start gaining control, you will see things that USED to bother you will now roll off your back. When you are less vulnerable, things won’t stick any more. You’ll be treated differently because you will be acting differently.      You will see relationships improve because you won’t let “minor” incidents bother you and, you’ll feel better about yourself. It follows suit that everything else around you will naturally improve!

Myth #8: “Maybe there’s something seriously wrong with me, that’s been overlooked!”
TRUTH: Naturally after you’ve been checked by your psychiatrist or/and clinical psychologist and been diagnosed with the anxiety condition you will feel some relief. You know it’s anxiety symptoms, and you feel relieved it’s nothing physical. Then why do you still feel those symptoms? The reason is that your body is still hugely sensitized from weeks, months or years of fueling the feelings by thinking the wrong way. Once you begin to do it the right way and the symptoms stop mattering, you will realize even though the “first fear” flares from time to time that it will dissipate if you just stop feeding it and fueling it with your fears. These symptoms are the effects of adrenaline, and although they feel uncomfortable, they are merely trivial. Nothing to worry about.

Myth #9: “I must do ANYTHING to avoid these feelings, they could hurt me!”
TRUTH: Avoiding is what built up the fear that keeps you sensitized and in this condition.  I would also   rather see you go through it the “right way” than spend your whole life in fear and avoiding these anxiety symptoms. The way out of this, past this once in for all is going through it the RIGHT WAY!

Myth #10: Drugs are the only answer. Sometimes you need a quick fix. NOT!!!
TRUTH: Some medications do take the edge off; there’s no denying that. Some drugs also sedate and have side effects too. This is purely a personal choice between you and your health care provider. It is a choice though we work with people taking medications and those without medications too. Clinical psychologist or therapist could be a great help in case of anxiety or depression. We have seen people, with their physicians approval SLOWLY go off their medications after just a few months of psychotherapy sessions. We also feel whether you’re on medications or not; it’s invaluable to know how to go through this with skills, methods and tools you have learned and can carry along with you wherever you go!

Myth #11: You’ve tried everything and Nothing works…..you’re stuck for life.
TRUTH: You have not truly gone through it the “right way”…..You have given in to your fears and ignored your power. You own strength to go through this the correct way. No more avoiding. It’s time to embrace this and go through it correctly. You owe it to yourself to do it the right way, the only way, and conquer this condition once and for all!