Overcoming The Excuses When It Comes To Fitness

February 25, 2013

at the gym

Image credit: Alexandre Gloria @Flickr

by Annie Springstein

“I’m too tired today.” “I’m just not in the right frame of mind to workout. It was a rough day at work.” Do those statements sound familiar? People say stuff like that all the time. You know what they are? They are part of a long list of excuses that are used by people to give themselves a pass on not achieving their goals.

Nobody likes to fail. When you have a goal in mind you don’t set out to not reach it. Yet, time and time again people give up on those positive goals. In the process they usually start using excuses as to why they didn’t get there because that is easier to deal with than simply stating the truth.

The key to reaching almost any goal is and has always been a combination of dedication and consistency. You hear about it all the time…the stories about people who never gave up and kept at it. That is the key…you don’t give up and you don’t quit. Yes, things do happen now and again that will set you back, but you can’t allow excuses to dictate your life.

Squashing the Excuses

Let’s look at the common excuses and then explain why they aren’t really a good excuse:

  • I’ll do it tomorrow – There is no tomorrow. There is not yesterday. There is today and right now. Make the most of every day even if that means using only 15 minutes to workout.
  • I don’t like working out – Do you like the way you look and feel? Are you healthy? If so then don’t workout, but if you said “No” to those questions then go workout.
  • I don’t have my workout clothes – And? Rocky used to wear ratty sweats and Chuck Taylors. You aren’t in a fashion show. Just grab some sweats and a t-shirt.
  • I’ll do it later – Who are you kidding…you aren’t going to do it later.
  • I’m tired – Some days this is true from a lack of sleep and such. However most people feel lethargic because they aren’t working out regularly and an object at rest tends to stay at rest. Even a 15 minute workout can help you feel refreshed and in turn will allow you to sleep better.
  • I haven’t eaten yet – So eat a snack and then go to the gym. People call this a pre-workout snack for a reason. Powerbars are a tremendous invention.
  • I work too much – All work and no play makes someone go crazy with an ax in a horror movie. A sound body equals a sound mind AND if you work that much your body and mind can probably both use the stress relief of a good workout session.
  • I’m sore – So work something else. Cardio is always a great option and getting the blood flowing helps with soreness and recovery.

Really the list can go on and on. People are willing to create almost any excuse rather than just admit to themselves the truth. The bottom line is that working out is hard work…that is why it is called “working” out. If you truly want to change your body, become stronger, have more endurance, become more athletic, or live a positive, healthy life, then you have to put the work in. There is no magic pill or fairy godmother that will make it happen for you.

Even if you can’t give it your all today, do at least one positive thing towards reaching your goal. Go for a walk, do a quick training circuit at home, jump rope, or do some yoga. No matter what just DO something. Stop making excuses why you can’t reach your goals and instead take one step, no matter how big or small, each day towards that goal!

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