Put Insomnia To Bed With These Tips

April 27, 2013


Image Credit: Brian Wolfe

by Chris Mayhew


Anyone who has ever suffered from this problem will know just how infuriating and frustrating it is to lay awake at night trying to get to sleep. There is nothing worse than laying there watching the time tick by, knowing that every second is another second of sleep you have missed out on and that you are going to be exhausted the next day.

There are a lot of things that are said to bring on insomnia but it seems that it can hit you at some of the most unexpected times. And although it feels like there is nothing you can do at the time; there are many ways you can prevent this from occurring. Here are just a few ways you could try and put insomnia to bed for good.

Have Strict Bedroom Rules

Sometimes it can be difficult to do, but in order to get into a good sleep routine you need to set out some rules surrounding the bedroom. If you are struggling to rest easy at night then you need to make sure the bedroom is reserved for sleeping and sleeping only. This includes removing all technology that could keep you wired and only going to bed when you feel tired enough to sleep.

Replace Old Furniture

Because a bed or mattress can slowly deteriorate over time; sometimes you don’t even notice how bad it has gotten until you check properly. An uncomfortable mattress could result in many hours of sleep being lost and a new one could be just what you need.

Also, as we get older it can be harder to get comfortable in bed and so you may want to upgrade from an ordinary one to an electrical adjustable bed. An electrical adjustable bed will allow you find your own angle of comfort and is sure to improve your standard of sleep.

Eliminate Stimulants

Although other resources will tell you that drinking alcohol can help you sleep; this is only true if you drink enough to make you pass out which isn’t good for your health. Alcohol and other stimulants also reduce the quality of your sleep so even if you do drop off it will still leave you feeling groggy in the morning. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and any other stimulants prior to going to bed otherwise your mind will be racing.

Leave Problems At The Bedroom Door

Everybody has problems in their life and it is likely to be these that are keeping you up at night. Therefore you should do your best to not take them with you to bed. This obviously isn’t an easy thing to do but try and relieve any stress that you might have by taking a bath or fully relaxing in whatever way suits you. If you have any smaller issues, try and sort them out before you head off to bed and leave any larger problems until the morning.

Author Bio: Chris Mayhew has suffered from insomnia a lot in the past, trying a lot of things on this list, and wants to help others who are suffering from this problem. He is working for Theraposture who supply a large range of adjustable furniture to help you get a good nights sleep.