Reflections on a Search for Meaning

April 9, 2014

Reflections on a Search for Meaning

by Sue Chehrenegar


If you are searching for the meaning in your life, it can help to study the sunlight reflected in a mirror. Of course, a mirror does not really produce the sun’s rays; it simply reflects them. In the same way, a virtuous and goodly person has the ability to reflect the spiritual qualities that he or she has developed by relating to and sharing with others. In fact, those who strive to achieve that particular goal have managed to discover the meaning in life.

Obviously, the human body does not possess a reflective surface. Still, that does not mean that those who search for the meaning in life would be foolish to consider the fact that mirrors prove most useful when they have been polished properly. In fact, those who are willing to view the heart as a mirror can best understand how to ensure their ability to create a clear reflection of their spiritual qualities.

Polishing removes the dust from a mirror’s surface. It allows the reflected light to shine-threw more clearly. Sometimes the spiritual qualities of the human heart remain unrevealed, because those same qualities have been covered-up by the results of an effort that has failed to focus on life’s true meaning.

For example, some people have formed the mistaken idea that a life will be more meaningful if the person who is living it can succeed in acquiring an enormous amount of wealth. Unfortunately, the ability to amass huge amounts of money does not aid accomplishment of the task of discovering life’s true meaning. In fact, it hinders accomplishment of that particular task, because it manages to obscure from the view of others those qualities that need to be polished and perfected.

Not everyone who has chosen to compete with others has chosen to work on becoming far richer than other members of society. Some men and women seek to be more powerful. They take pride in being able to control the actions of those around them. Of course such an attitude fails to provide a life, even that of an extremely powerful person, with greater meaning.

So, how can you manage to polish the mirror of your heart, and to allow your spiritual qualities to shine-through more brightly? It helps to concentrate on displaying particular virtues. For example, you might work on becoming a source of joy and faith. You ought to seek to approach everyone in a kindly manner.  You should go-after knowledge, and then be ready to share it with others.

Now, mere possession of knowledge does not provide a person with the ability to share those acquired facts. Sometimes a knowledgeable person has failed to grasp the true meaning of life. Those who recognize that failure, that unwillingness to realize life’s true meaning, have reason to question the veracity of any facts that are put-forth by even the most knowledgeable individual.

Such a person has done a poor job of polishing his or her heart. That unpolished heart has become covered by the dross that stems from deciding to concentrate on the material aspects of the world. Consequently, the spirit’s qualities do not shine-threw to others. When other people find it impossible to recognize those qualities, they do not feel motivated to listen to any of the statements that might be made by the person with the unpolished heart.

In other words, if people have chosen to ignore you, then you will find it very hard to discover the meaning in life. You will not be able to do a good job of making others aware of your spiritual qualities. Your heart will not be illumined like a mirror.

Those who show no interest in matters of the spirit cannot reflect the spirit’s truth and light; hence their lives become meaningless. That is why parents should seek to build-up the model character traits of their children. In that way, mothers and fathers can feel confident that their sons and daughters will be better able to invite assurances that their lives are truly meaningful.

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