Relationship Counselling Can Bring Back Happiness

October 13, 2013

Relationship Counselling

by Jacques Tombazian

There are times when your relationship can go through a major upheaval. Such situations may arise due to a host of factors ranging from misunderstanding, confusion and indifference to each other’s needs. Whenever there is a discord in the relationship both the individuals tend to suffer. When the suffering increases many couples seek for divorce or separation. Discord in relationship is though common among couples, isn’t restricted to only between husband and wife or lovers. It can be between two friends, a parent and the child or even among business partners. When a fault line develops in a relationship it is worth a try strengthen the bond back to normal. It is famously said sick relationships should be healed rather than abandoned. This is where relationship counselling is of great help.

Discord in relationship cannot be treated with medication and it needs to be treated with internal healing. It is important for both the parties in a troubled relationship to gain control over their mind and activities and come to terms for a common cause. While healing a relationship one of the first things that the counselor would try and do countering the miscommunication and misinterpretation that lead to problems in the relationship. Individuals often feel suffocated and accuse the other of not accommodating their thoughts and views. Thus when you go for a counseling session they would encourage you to open up and share your side of the story. It might often seem that there is a healthy and sick partner in the relationship. In such cases it is the moral responsibility of the healthy partner to standby the sick partner through the trying times in the relationship.

One of the things that healing services stress on when it comes to rekindling a relationship is to accept what the other individual has to say about him or herself. You need to accept the fact that their perception might be truer than yours. Often the major reason being discord in any relationship is ego. This tends to make our judgements bias and prevents us from seeing what is obvious. For healthy relationships the counsellor would also need to involve change and transformation in both the individuals and the relationship itself. Since discord arises due to certain activities and traits in the individuals it is important for both the parties to shed some of those activities and traits. The degree of change may differ from case to case.

Thousands of individuals have benefited from relationship counselling and found happiness again. Alchemy healing practices some of the advanced healing techniques for relationships and leads individuals to an improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Jacques Tombazian is an experienced counsellor who has devised some advanced healing techniques that helps individuals gain back the trust and understanding that often eludes them when there is a discord in the relationship. Alchemy provides energetic support and coaching through hands on healing sessions and distant healing sessions. Many individuals and couples have benefited from this internal healing technique that helps the mind along with the relationship.

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