1. Silence! I Need to Hear my Inner Self

    June 6, 2014

    Silence! I Need to Hear my Inner Selfby Daniela Aneis

    Not all people can enjoy the silence, or even a little bit of solitude. But how can you hear your inner voice with all the noise that is coming from the outside world? Doesn’t it seem like sometimes we get caught up listening to others when we should be looking for the answers within ourselves?

    And why is it that enjoying some time alone has become a synonymous for being lonely? Loneliness is not the same as solitude.

    Truth be told: We already have most of the answers we look for

    This may seem like a quote taken from a karate movie but isn’t it true? When has following what other people have told you to do, has come with positive outcomes for you? And how many times have you thought “I should have done what I was planning in the first place”?

    In order to avoid feelings of frustration for not being able to make the necessary silence to hear your inner voice, you might just want to follow some of the advices on this particular article.

    There are two important things to take into account when listening to your inner voice and making decisions you can live with:

    • Listen to what you’re body in telling you: trust your gut!
    • Take some time on your own to listen to yourself

    Some people have strong emotional responses at a physical level: they usually call it their gut feeling. And the truth is sometimes we can’t quite interpret cognitively what we are experiencing and make sense of it, but it feels plain wrong on your insides. Listen to it and take time off to think things through. When you do make a decision, try to feel as confident as you can about it.

    If something feels wrong or off, just step aside. Retreat yourself from the situation. It’s always best to make a well thought through decision than to go by your impulses. Impulses are often misleading.