1. Choosing a Value Driven Life

    September 27, 2014

    Choosing a Value Driven LifeThere is a powerful attribute housed within all of us: we know it as self-confidence. We all have it. Some to a greater or lesser degree than others. If you look closely enough, you can see it at work in the decisions or choices we make.

    Lacking Self Confidence

    Depending on self-confidence, people can lead their lives in one of three ways. You can see self-confidence at work in those who live their lives without doubt and questioning. Then there are others for whom life is filled with an abundance of self-doubt. They seem never to be fully comfortable with any decision. That leaves a third group, a majority those living day to day, often in doubt while at other times very clear about what they should do or how they should behave.

    Although this first group is smaller in number it is a force to be reckoned with. Its membership is made up of those with high levels of self-assurance. So much so that they can seem at odds with others; arrogant, rigid, always right. Within this group you will encounter those driven by purely altruistic motives and a handful who are diagnosable as sociopaths.

    In our second group are those people who never seem quite sure about their interactions with the world. More often than not they are very capable of making good decisions, although they falter as though they haven’t a clue about their decisions.

    Which brings us to the last group. These are people who, for a multitude of reasons, seldom are confident in their own decisions. Life is experienced as many forks in the road and they are there without a map. Much of their time spent is spent in self-doubt, wondering if the choices they have made are right or wrong. Questioning the past and asking, how would the outcome be different if only I had chosen differently?


  2. Sometimes You Have To Say “No!”

    September 25, 2013

    No means no

    by Alex Strike

    How often do you say “No” in your life? You must confess that sometimes it is quite difficult for you to do, because you don’t want to offend anyone, you are afraid of being ignored, or you are just not brave enough to do that. The problem is that you can’t say “No” not only to your close people, relatives and friends, but to some people you don’t even like! You should definitely do something with that!

    Believe us, you are not alone here. Many people meet the same problem, when saying “No” becomes a real challenge they all are afraid to accept. They worry about what other people will think of them, they don’t want to argue or make a conflict, and that is why it is always better for them to agree with others…

    We can find 5 reasons at least why you should start saying “No” today. “No” to people and activities you don’t need and don’t like actually. Just remember and try to follow them, and you will see that they really work. Change your life for better, and become a more confident person today.

    You should say “No” because:

    It’s impossible to be good for everyone!

    It doesn’t matter what you do or say, there will always be people who don’t like this. It’s impossible to stay good for everyone, because we all are so different: they will judge you anyway, so… Do you really need to worry about anyone’s opinion? We mean those people who are not even close to you!

    Just stop caring about what other people will say of you. It’s your life, your mistakes and decisions. Don’t let other people influence them.

    …It’s only you who EXACTLY knows what you want!

    As far as you understand, all your decisions will influence YOU first of all. So, why should you say “Yes” to anything you are not sure about? If you don’t like anything, just say “No” to it. If you feel that you don’t need anything, just say “No” to it.  If you have some doubts, just say “No” and don’t do anything you don’t want actually.

    There is no need to think of other people, when your life, future, mood, and health depend on your decision ONLY.

    …You owe nothing to nobody!

    We don’t want to disappoint you, if you were told the opposite thing, but it’s true. You are NOT obligated to do anything, and there are NO people to be obligated to do something, because each person lives his own life, and it’s he who decides what to do and whom to care about.

    Yes, you probably have some obligations towards your parents, your life partner, or your boss who pays you money… But it doesn’t mean that you should say “Yes” every time when they decide to ask you something you don’t agree with, or you have no time to do at the very moment they say it.

    No one will die, if you say “No” and explain why you can’t do what they want. People who value you will definitely understand your right to have your personal time, your point of view, and your own life!

    …It’s only you who will suffer from your decisions!

    There is no need to think of your friends when they invite you to join a party at 2am, because it will be only YOU who will suffer from a headache the next morning, when it’s time to go to work. And there is no need to be with a person whom you don’t love just because you don’t want to offend or make him (her) sad. It’s time to think of yourself.

    Remember, that you are the first and only person who will suffer from your “Yes” every time you say it when you don’t want to do that actually.

    …Your life doesn’t stop!

    It’s you who chooses what life he want to live: it doesn’t matter whether you said “Yes” or “No”, your life will not stop at that very moment. So, it’s up to you what to choose: to try doing something what you don’t want actually, being in hurry all the time because you said “Yes” to everyone and promised to help them all, or… to relax and feel yourself comfortable just because you said “No” to all those things that did not actually matter.

    It’s time to make a choice, friend. It’s your life, and only you choose the way to live.


    Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85971429@N00/5088192307


  3. Get The Work/Life Balance Right To Boost Your Confidence

    March 19, 2013

    life-work balance

    Getting the work/life balance correct is often seen as the best way of having a happy and healthy existence but sometimes it’s difficult to cut down on one so you can really enjoy the other. It can be stressful having to juggle too many things and often, as a result, we forget that our own personal happiness has been left on the shelf as we try to please as many people as possible.

    Confidence comes from within and if we’re not able to get the correct balance of who we are and what we do then feeling great about ourselves can often be something of an alien emotion. It is important to value who we are as well as being there for other people and by making just some minor tweaks to your lifestyle you can begin to feel confident and also look amazing.

    Below are five top tips for increasing your confidence levels with the minimum of time constraints and if you’re feeling blue or you feel like you’re slightly unbalanced then read on and see what can work for you.


    Keeping healthy through physical exercise is a tried and tested means of feeding your confidence levels. If you have a shower at work then why not use your lunch break to go for a run? Better yet, hit the local gym or swimming pool for 40 minutes per day and soon you’ll be toned up and blossoming with positivity. There are plenty of ways to get fit before, during and after office hours and just a few minutes each day can make all the difference to your confidence.


    The old adage: we are what we eat, is completely correct but sometimes, when we’re chained to a desk or sandwich trolley, it can be tricky to find the right ingredients. With a little bit of time and will-power you can ensure your whole day can be catered for to increase your confidence and lessen your waistline. Stick to nuts, fruit and raw vegetables for snacks and avoid eating late at night. Give yourself a target but don’t be too harsh if you don’t succeed just try and try again.

    Living space

    From tidying up clothes from the floor to doing the washing-up, making sure we live in somewhere that is clean and tidy will work wonders for our confidence levels. Make sure you have a great vacuum cleaner and set aside an hour a week to clean your house or flat from top to bottom. You don’t have to spend the earth to ensure your living space is a representation of yourself but just throw those curtains wide and make the most of what you’ve got.


    What you wear says everything about who you are and how you’re feeling. Try brightening up your wardrobe and purchasing a few special items that make you feel exactly the way you want. Designer jeans, silky vintage lingerie, and that all-important pair of killer heels or boots are exactly what you should consider to help your confidence to flourish. Once you’ve found the right look for you then walk with your head held high and wait for the barrow-loads of compliments.

    Free time

    Lunch breaks, weekends, mornings and evenings, there are so many points in the day that should be reserved just for you. Fill your time with books, culture, physical activities and nature and before long you’ll be feeling great and espousing the values of life to anyone who cares to listen. Find a hobby, join a club or simply enjoy every moment because as soon as you start to get the work/life balance right then the sky’s literally the limit for your confidence levels.