Understanding the Symptoms of Depression: Its Emotional and Behavioral Aspects

November 4, 2013

by Edward Lakatis

People has become so used to hearing about depression that in most occasions they fail to understand the deep and long-term physical, mental and emotional consequences it may have on the affected person.

Creative people such as artists, designers or inventors seem to be quite immune  from depression. It is always assumed that their creativity and inventive minds prevented them from suffering it as they are always busy and with their minds occupied in developing or improving new things. However, it is now known that even though being creative gives individuals certain skills and tools that may help them to cope with the symptoms of depression, they can also face depression and that depression can reflect upon their inability to develop new ideas or create a new art or music.

The Symptoms of Depression

Depression can manifest in multiple and varied ways. In fact, crying all day long, being too sensitive over minor issues or reacting to comments in quite a passionate way are probably the symptoms most of us associate with this illness but experts in mental disorders also emphasize that the symptoms of depression imply emotional and behavioral aspects that we should also take into consideration.

In fact, not everybody shows feelings in the same way and paying attention to what may appear minor attitudinal changes may allow us to detect sooner than later that somebody we care for is suffering from depression.

Depression And Its Behavioral Symptoms

It is not rare for inventors and other creative individuals to express their depression through behavioral symptoms. Their lively and jovial spirit and entrepreneurial attitude may be altered when depression settles in their lives:

Motivation is Lost

Inventors are usually motivated to improve every day gadgets or to find innovative ways to do every day things. When they find nothing is challenging or that their new invention ideas are not worthy at all, may be signs of depression.

Difficulty In Setting Goals

Setting goals implies seeing a more or less positive and achievable future. When people feels depressed, that ability is lost or diminished and it is easier to feel tempted to give up in our efforts to satisfy our goals. This behavioral symptom of depression can then manifest in leaving things unfinished, losing control over minor issues and so on.

Inability to Think Clearly

Making everyday decisions such as which clothes to wear in the morning or what to cook for dinner can become much more difficult for someone with depression. Depressed people  can’t see situations objectively and take lots of time to accomplish even minor tasks. This is even more complex for creative people and inventors as there are a lot of things they should take into consideration and evaluate and, as they cannot think clearly, the whole invention process becomes even more tiresome.

Social Withdrawal

Inventors and other creative individuals usually have a remarkable social nature. They love attracting other people’s attention towards their invention, painting, sculpture or piece of music. However, when they suffer from depression they opt to stay away from any social interaction. In fact, they may even prefer spending a lot of time by themselves.

Solving Problems

If making small or big decisions becomes more difficult when someone is depressed, solving problems is not easy either. Even the smallest obstacle seems overwhelming and bigger problems seem impossible to solve

Depression and Its Emotional Symptoms

Self Confidence Is Lost

As depressed people withdraw from social interaction they lose self-confidence and a vicious circle begins. Creative people such as inventors can be really affected  by this lack of self-confidence; they may believe that whatever they do is not worthy and therefore it is not important to share it with others. Thus, they are convinced that other people won’t be interested in their invention ideas and they don’t feel attracted to interacting with others.


It’s really easy for depressed people to feel that they are responsible and the ones to blame for almost everything that occurs around them.

Feeling Pessimistic

It is almost natural for depressed people to see everything in a negative way. Inventors and other creative individuals feel discouraged to fight for their objectives, they cannot see how valuable or innovative their creations are and this feeling does nothing but nourish their lack of self confidence.


If nothing you do is worthy enough for others to appreciate, if you cannot make simple decisions and every problem seems impossible to solve, it’s quite easy to feel apathy.

Suicidal Thoughts

Depressed people, especially when they do not receive any kind of treatment, have very negative ideas of the future. They feel that their life is not worth living and, therefore, suicidal thoughts may arise.

Not everybody that suffers from depression will experience all these behavioral and emotional symptoms. If after reading this article you think that anybody you care about or even yourself may suffer from depression, don’t think it twice and ask for a consultation with a psychologist.