Do You Need a Wellbeing Holiday?

July 17, 2013


Sometimes the hectic pace of everyday life can simply prove too much, leaving your body’s batteries desperately in need of a recharge. If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, then where could be most profitable to indulge in some “me time” than against a backdrop of paradise? From yoga to meditation, a wellbeing holiday can offer a great number of health benefits from stress management to a positive mental health that will soon get you feeling like the best possible version of yourself. If this sounds like just what you need to help brighten your quality of life, here are a few exotic options to whet your holistic appetite.


Tibet: A chance for meditation

Whether you’re searching for that deeper meaning of life or you’d simply like to escape the daily grind, meditation could be your perfect journey to self-discipline and self-discovery. Lying just outside of Kathmandu, the Kopan Monastery offers an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and the practice of meditation. If you’d like to deepen your awareness of yourself, of other people and of the world around you, meditation could be the key to your happiness. The classes are led by Sangha – a Buddhist community of monks – and are complimented by daily teachings from a Tibetan Lama.  Here you can give yourself the space and concentration to clarify what is essential in your life with this challenging, life changing experience.


Dubai: Yoga afloat a paddleboard

You might assume that the industrial-style glitz of Dubai marks it out as a place a million miles from the exotic, but don’t be fooled! The city’s crystal clear and peacefully tranquil waters mean that it’s a highly popular place to give the emerging trend of paddleboard yoga a try. Yoga is world renowned as a great promoter of positive psychology and on a paddleboard; the practice is intensified in every muscle. Combining yoga poses with the skill of keeping your balance on a board floating in the ocean, it’s sure to tone every part of your body and will invigorate down to your very core. Don’t worry about floating away because you’ll all be tied together – and once your class is finished, you can simply lie back on your board and bob peacefully without a care in the world.


Austria: Caves that heal

Deep in the caves of Gastein in Austria, a mysterious radon gas known as ‘Tauern Gold’ is created. It’s said that the humidity of the caves and their 37-41.5°c temperature combine with this gas to create an atmosphere that can seriously help your body’s health. Making the most of this phenomenon, the Gastein Healing Programme is based inside the caves, harnessing the gas to treat everything from rheumatism to skin ailments, as well as stimulating your body’s cell repair mechanism. The gas, which is taken in through the skin and lungs, strengthens your immune system and restores homeostasis in your body. There are individual therapy stations with varying levels of humidity, meaning that treatments can be customised to your specific needs, from pain relief to simply restoring vitality.


Brazil: A spa in the mountains

What with Brazil hosting the 2016 Olympics, a number of luxurious spas and hotels are emerging in the country to capture the anticipatory zeitgeist. If kicking back in luxury whilst surrounded by breath taking nature sounds right up your street, the cream of the crop is the Botanique Hotel & Spa. Nestled quietly in the mountains between Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, the spa specialises in an assortment of indigenous treatments, giving you the optimum revitalisation experience. The spa fully embraces the Latin approach, with its design, culture and cuisine and there are eleven private villas and six suites for true peace and quiet.


Thailand: A true detox retreat

If it’s all out revitalisation that you’re after then Thailand’s Absolute Sanctuary on the southern island of Koh Samui could be your holistic dream. With everything from complete detoxes, yoga programmes and weight management to the more alternative therapies of palmistry and crystal reiki healing, it’s the perfect antidote to coping with stress. Immerse yourself in picture-perfect surroundings and enjoy a wide range of detoxification programs and dynamic therapies designed to encourage your total wellbeing. What’s more, you can now bypass the strenuous journey from the chaotic and overwhelming Bangkok with direct flights to Koh Samui from Expedia, meaning you’ll be all set for your journey back to balance, wellness and positive thinking.